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Facebook is a critically important platform. Did you know that around 71% of online adults are users , which is the highest usage percentage of any social networking platform? Facebook is one of the many platforms we discussed in our Social Media V2 Whitepaper, and should be a mandatory component of any social engagement campaign.


WHAT’S YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC? Everyone! Facebook is widely used by every adult age group, and most users use the app at least once a day.

HOW SHOULD YOU USE IT? Post affinity related content that seems interesting or provides genuine value to alumni lives. Try linking to a variety of inbound content sources – top 10 tips or job interviews, current student athlete bios, alumni-aimed videos, really anything creative and engaging. Don’t just post news!

HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU USE IT? Posting daily is okay, but don’t post more often than that, as it will overload the news feeds of your alumni.

TOP USAGE TIPS: Content on Facebook can be multimedia, so use a mixture of casual inbound marketing materials including articles, videos, infographics, photos, and more. Provide content that will appeal to alumni of many different backgrounds and interests. Utilize the Facebook Events feature to publicize campus or local events and manage attendance.

TOP THINGS TO AVOID: Don’t post too often, because it will be overwhelming in an alum’s news feed. Too much news will feel spammy, so ensure that content feels engaging and genuinely useful. Avoid posting too often about fundraising because it will seem disingenuous.

Let’s check out an exceptionally good example of Facebook campaign usage from Sarah Lawrence College.

They have an intuitive link and page name:


Fun, but sufficiently professional photos:


A mixture of local content, fun multimedia, contests, and other click-through media forms that alumni will find valuable:





And reunion specific callouts to engage alumni:


All and all, Sarah Lawrence College has provided an outstanding example of a successful Facebook campaign. Using this blog and our Social Media V2 Whitepaper, you can craft an engaging social media campaign on Facebook and other platforms to drastically improve your alumni outreach efforts.

Rachael has started as a Marketing Intern at QuadWrangle in January 2015. She is a current junior at Harvard studying sociology and economics. She participates in varsity women's rugby, LGBTQ activism, and social enterprise advising.

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