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The brief, high frequency world of Twitter presents an incredible opportunity for ongoing alumni engagement. While the platform is not as widely used as Facebook, it still has a huge user base, and many non-users still follow the pages of institutions or celebrities for news. As we discussed in our recent Social Media V2 Whitepaper, effectively harnessing a wide range of platforms in your social media campaign can result in highly increased alumni engagement. Let’s break down some best practices for Twitter usage.


WHAT’S YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC? Young adults. Twitter is a more surefire bet than other emerging social media networks – 37% of 18-29 year olds are active users (http://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/social-networking-fact-sheet/).

HOW SHOULD YOU USE IT? Quick, scroll through updates that can be linked to external news reports or other articles. While quality should always be a concern, Twitter is more of a quantity game. People will follow your Twitter to get the most up to date news and information, so you should provide updates as often as you have something to share

HOW OFTEN SHOULD YOU USE IT? Often! Post multiple times per day, every day – Twitter is, in many ways, about quantity, and you want your feed to look up to date.

 TOP USAGE TIPS: Post news or articles that would be relevant to your alumni. Retweet praise and other alumni voices if it adds to your feed. Focus on institutional awareness as a means to build alumni engagement.

TOP THINGS TO AVOID: Don’t post too much about any one topic. Avoid linking to lengthy articles or attention-heavy content – focus on quick, easy to read links and updates. Don’t skimp on frequency, because you need a highly active feed to seem relevant.

With these tips in mind, let’s take a look at a school that does a great job at Twitter – Stanford.

They have an intuitive handle and page name:



A large quantity of news links to provide quick updates about institution:



News related to both Stanford and local community:



And some multimedia content that can be quickly scrolled through:



Stanford presents a high quality example of best practice Twitter usage. However, any institution can achieve this level of excellence through following the tips in this blog as well as the strategy advice in our Social Media V2 Whitepaper. By focusing on improving outreach on every platform, you will ultimately create a more engaging and efficient alumni engagement campaign.

Rachael has started as a Marketing Intern at QuadWrangle in January 2015. She is a current junior at Harvard studying sociology and economics. She participates in varsity women's rugby, LGBTQ activism, and social enterprise advising.

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