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analytics-suiteYesterday we enjoyed the first day of DRIVE/ 2016 in Seattle. We were inspired by Talithia Williams, a Harvey Mudd Professor and change agent for women leadership in STEM. Stephen Lambert from Susquehanna University shared his journey to instituting predictive modeling in his organization’s fundraising operations. Michael Greenberg of RNL’s Scalefunder knocked our socks off with a great review of crowdfunding and social influence. We loved our IBM Watson experience and got a lot more from Apollo Robbins’ sleight of hand presentation than we expected. All of it we thought would be fun to analyze with Natural Language Processing.

To that, we shared¬†the future of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the fundraising space. We’re excited to be on the bleeding edge of this great space we all work in. We talked a lot in that session about Natural Language Processing – the subset of Machine Learning that focuses on the structure of language and how that can inform engagement and fundraising.

To that, we fed yesterday’s #DRIVE2016 tweets through our semantic engine and here’s what we got back of significant importance:

  • Seattle
  • social media
  • Talithia Williams
  • President Sue Cunningham
  • Netflix
  • Scott Murray
  • Apollo Robbins
  • Larry Burns
  • Digital Philanthropy
  • Caltech
  • Snoqualmie Casino bus
  • Paul Mateo
  • Harvey Mudd
  • DRIVE2016
  • Scott Lange
  • APRA
  • Grand Ballroom J
  • Associate Director, Digital Engagement & Marketing
  • Apollo Robinson
  • fundraising
  • Charlotte McGhee
  • natural language
  • Nick
  • Digital Philanthropy
  • Chris
  • Michael Greenberg
  • Berkeley
  • Nathan
  • #DRIVE2016
  • #FOMO
  • #analytics
  • #preach
  • disks
  • What Would You Do?
  • Yes It Is
  • Ticket to Ride

What’s to take from all that? What can we know about this first day of this amazing event by reviewing the semantics of its tweets? My favorite takeaway? There was one questions: “What would you do?” Indeed. My other favorite bit of data were the top three Twitter handles related to the event by follower count:

  1. @Experfy (39.7K followers) – Frankly, I love these folks. Super smart and you should all know them (on-demand machine learning experts)
  2. @cityandsand (20.3K) – Jennifer Lichty from CASE! Go, lady, go!
  3. @awsamuel (13K) – Alexandra Samuel, who rocked this morning’s opening keynote on visualizing data. Know her. Follow her. Get smarter every day.

Data and influence are at the heart of this event and all the above is proof positive of that. We’re already enjoying Day 2 and can’t wait for all the day has in store.

Nick is the CEO and co-founder of QuadWrangle with a deep background in media modeling and digital engagement with a passion for philanthropy. He hails from Georgia and is a proud Arizona Wildcat.

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