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Imagine an alumni event attended by 30-40 graduates – all of whom are passionate about Middle Eastern politics. They stream in, meet a member of the Near Eastern Studies department and listen as she shares some of the exciting research she and her students have been working on during that semester. Do you think that energized room of alumni would find themselves wanting more? To stay in touch with the professor? Perhaps to give?


seated-grouppu_077949_2013-6-3_p-rade_2013-769_1The trick, then, is finding those passionate cohorts. That’s been hard – REALLY hard – to do in the past. Hence, we do our best to build energy for more general events and the best metric to pursue is attendee growth. But it’s actually possible now, with Machine Learning, to understand where your alumni are co-located, what those groups care about, and then program events that move them.

Machine learning and effective personalization technology offer a great platform for coordinators to shape the subject of their event. Figuring out what exactly your graduates care about is the first step to designing an event that they will be interested in. Events, speeches, and reunions are the bedrock for a well connected graduate community, which in turn supports progress for higher education institutions.

The way colleges can communicate with their alumni is transforming. We will talk about how exactly this new technology works in our upcoming webinar, and explore its potential for integration in many other aspects of education. In an age where personalized emails deliver 6 times higher transaction rates, and 40% of people spend more at institutions that personalize their experience across channels, this technology is important to learn about from a organizing, marketing, and communicating standpoint.

Quadwrangle is hosting an upcoming webinar Learn more about machine learning’s ever growing potential. Registration is quick, easy, and free.

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